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UKWA 2 Day @ Datchet 2nd & 3rd October 2021

Every year, as part of the UKWA Inland series, the LWA runs a two day event at Datchet Reservoir.  We use UKWA courses, race officers and scoring.  Camping is permitted overnight (for a small fee).  Racers join us from all over the country and we race amongst larger fleets than we usually do at a one day event.  It's a great introduction to racing at National level.  If both days seem a bit much you can just sign on for the Saturday and pay the standard LWA entry fee. 

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Datchet Water Sailing Club, Queen Mother Reservoir, Horton Road, Horton,

Slough, Berkshire, SL3 9NT.   01753 68387





As in previous years, our one-day LWA event will piggyback on the Saturday of the UKWA weekend. This does mean that the whole event will be run according to the UKWA Sailing Instructions, which are a bit different from our own.



If you intend to sail the Two-Day Event, then you must pre-enter via the UKWA website before 10pm on Monday 27 September. If you intend to sail on the Saturday only please pre-enter via the LWA website before Thursday 30 September. Results for those sailing only on the Saturday will be extracted from the UKWA Two-Day results and LWA prizes will be awarded at our next event. Note that there is a 7.8 sq m class!


Registration opens at 08:00 and because of the higher entry numbers and multiple classes Registration has to CLOSE at 09:45, so this means getting there early and making sure that the first thing you do is to go and register! Even if you have pre-entered, you must nevertheless check in at the Registration Desk.



Briefing on Saturday is at 10:15, first possible start flag 10:55 and on Sunday Briefing is at 09:15 and first possible start flag at 09:55



For one-day entrants the fees are as usual for the LWA - Adults £20 and Youths/Juniors £10. Should you wish to sail on both days the UKWA fees are: Adults £55, Youths/Juniors £45



Trailers may be left in the designated area to the left of the clubhouse.



If you arrive Friday evening there will be a security guard on the gate to let you in.  If any problems please contact Janet on 07711 552265. Camping for motorhomes and caravans is on the bottom level to the right of the gate as you enter. Trailers should be dropped off on arrival in the designated area on the upper level. If your gear is on the top of your motorhome you will need to unload it and then take your vehicle down to the lower lever. All campervans and motorhomes must be removed to the lower car park during the day. Cars however may remain on the upper level.


There will be a charge of £20 for 2 nights and £15 for one night for camping payable on Registration as Thames Water requires us to pay for a security guard.  Water is available from a standpipe just inside the main gate and also on the outside of the clubhouse. Please note there no outside toilets when clubhouse is closed at night.



If you wish to exit the Car Park at any time, including at the end of the event you will need to obtain an exit pass to operate the exit gate. These will be obtainable from the LWA Registration desk.



Food will be available during the day but please note that there will be NO EVENING MEAL AVAILABLE ON THE SATURDAY.



Techno 6.8 and 7.8 sailors will race on the UKWA main course. Juniors (3.5, 4.5 and 5.8 sail sizes) will sail on a smaller separate course. For Junior sailors, this will be a coached event. A coach appointed by the RYA and the Techno Steering Group will provide a mixture of coaching and racing appropriate to the number of participants and weather conditions.




Those of you who have sailed with the UKWA will know that a Tally System will be in operation - you need to take a numbered tally when you go afloat and wear it until you are told to replace it on the Tally Board. If you do not take a tally you will be disqualified from the race in which you do not wear it, so be warned!   See links to Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race below:



Unlike our LWA events, UKWA events have different starts for different classes, so you need to pay particular attention to the Briefing and the Sailing Instructions to be sure that you know the correct flag for your fleet and the starting procedure. Two minutes before the entire Start Sequence begins, an Orange Warning Flag with one sound signal is flown. After that the UKWA uses 5-4-1-GO (like the LWA), but of course you must start with the correct fleet. Your fleet flag goes up at 5 minutes and down at GO. The different Fleet starts then follow in sequence.



Unlike the LWA, the UKWA frequently use a different course (although using the same marks) for different classes to keep them out of each other's way. Signal Boards on the back of the Committee Boat are generally used to indicate which course is being used for each fleet. This again is explained in the Sailing Instructions, so please make sure you read them and ask for clarification from one of the regular sailors if you have a problem. There will also be a Junior Course/Training over both days run by the TCA.


One last major difference is that because of the multiple fleets and multiple starts, it is impossible to operate a "Grand Prix Finish" system, so you need to complete ALL the laps specified on the Signal Boards to obtain a result.


We recommend that you take a closer look at the UKWA Sailing Instructions (with Courses) and Notice of Race which you will find on the UKWA website.


IMPORTANT: Note that during the last two years there has been a change to the UKWA NOR regarding Safety Regulations with which ALL competitors will need to comply:

10. Safety Regulations

10.1 Each competitor shall carry at all times a SOLAS approved whistle.

For your convenience SOLAS approved Whistles will be sold at all course racing events @ £2.95 available from the race office.

For your information; failure to comply will result in the following penalty.

  1. Failure to carry a Whistle will result in disqualification. 

  2. Carrying a Whistle which is not SOLAS approved 50% scoring penalty.



Please bring your buoyancy aids - as you should be doing anyway to all our events.



Please note that only the first four races on the Saturday will count for the LWA event, and the LWA prizes will be presented at our next LWA event.


We look forward very much to seeing you all at Datchet - your LWA Committee

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