Next Event: Sat 8th May, Queen Mary
Next Event: Sat 8th May, Queen Mary

Our next event is Saturday 8th May at Queen Mary Reservoir in Ashford Middlesex.

Bring on 2021!!!
Bring on 2021!!!

Provisional Dates are out for 2021!! Lets hope we get some racing in this year.

LWA goes "Old Skool"
LWA goes "Old Skool"

Dig your old kit our and come and race - any old board and up to 6m2 sail - as long as its Old Skool. Start practising for 2021 now!

Next Event: Sat 8th May, Queen Mary
Next Event: Sat 8th May, Queen Mary

Our next event is Saturday 8th May at Queen Mary Reservoir in Ashford Middlesex.


IceBreaker 2021 "BIG NOVEMBER" - 

Sat Oct 30th Burghfield SC ; Sat Nov 13th Queen Mary; Sat Nov 20th Oxford SC

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LWA goes "Old Skool"

We are too kool for Old Skool - for the 2021 season you can dig out your old board, your baggy old sail and come and do some racing.  We are introducing the Old Skool class for the 2021 season, you can even use your new Windsurfer LT.   Max sail size 6m2 - race for fun, against friends or see how you stack up against the modern gear.

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Series 2021

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Start Racing LEARN HOW!
Saturday 8th May 2021:  Queen Mary Reservoir
Race Day

Briefing at all events is scheduled for 10.30 with first race at 11.00. Usually two races are held before lunch and two afterwards, weather permitting.


Entry fees for 2021 are Adults £20 and Youths/Juniors £10.

One of our functions as a region is to introduce newcomers to racing. We run a “Grand Prix finish” system so even if you manage to complete only one lap you get a position. Beginners to racing are especially welcome, please see our “Starting Racing” page and please feel free to email or phone us for advice. If requested, there will be a special “Beginners’ Briefing” after the main briefing at events.

BUOYANCY REMINDER:ALL sailors are advised to bring buoyancy to ALL events, for those under 18 it is compulsory at all times and for the rest the Race Officer has the power to require all sailors to wear buoyancy if he decides it is necessary.

Young Windsurfer
of the Year
Alicia Gibson
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Events This Season 2021

​Sat 17th April          Fisher Green SC 

Sat 8th May             Queen Mary SC 

Sat 5th June             Burghfield SC 

Sat 10th July             Oxford SC 

Sat 18th Sep            Bewl Water SC  

Sat 2nd October      Datchet SC

(Sunday 3rd Oct UKWA Inlands) 

Sat 23rd Oct             King George  TBC


Sat 30th October         Burghfield SC 

Sat 13th November    Queen Mary SC 

Sat 20th November    Oxford SC



We recently advertised an IMCO raceboard free to a young sailor and we had several replies but had to disappoint all but one. If you know of any ex-sailors needing good homes for their beloved raceboards, please put them in touch with us, you never know, they might earn some brownie points with management and not feel too guilty about parting with their treasure.

IceBreaker 2021 "BIG NOVEMBER" 

Sat Oct 30th Burghfield SC; Sat Nov 13th Queen Mary; Sat Nov 20st Oxford SC