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Racing Route

So where does the LWA sit in the great scheme of things?  Well, a lot of people usually get a taste for racing at their local club and then want to progress onto something a bit more organised and challenging which is where we fit in.  For kids, you may have also tried racing at your local club or been part of a Team 15 and again want to progress further.

We fill the gap between these entry levels and the more demanding and challenging nation racing series provided by the United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA).

We offer racing on courses similar to the UKWA, similar briefing , start sequence and classes but in a more relaxed atmosphere in inland locations that aren't as intimidating as those you find on the national circuit.  So if you come and race with us, you'll get enough experience to progress to the national circuit.  From there you can progress to events such as the Raceboard Europeans or Worlds.

Local Lake
Team 15
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