• Rod Davis

Fishers Green Report

LWA 2017 Summer Series Event Two:

Fishers Green Sat 22 April

What for many of us had started out as a sunny day quickly turned grey and it seemed as though we would be sailing in drizzle, not a pleasant prospect. However by briefing time the weather had improved and we went out for Race One in some very agreable sunshine.

It was obvious that the wind was not going to be very co-operative, but Race One started in about 8 knots or so and the routes taken to the windward mark were many and varied. Lewis Barnes soon found himself at the head of the fleet - sailing a Mega Cat would you believe as his Phantom was being repaired. Nick Kidd crossed the line in second place, followed by Peter Murray who was to have a great day on his Div II. We had two newcomers to LWA racing in the shape of Fishers Green member Matt Stolton and Josef Bardoczy, who came down all the way from the Midlands to take part.

Race Two started quite well but soon went pear shaped as the wind went thermal or disappeared altogether. Lewis carded his second win of the day, followed by Rob Kent and Jon Davis with Annette Kent in fourth place.

We went in to lunch hoping that the wind gods would get their act together in the meantime, but it was more in hope than certainty that we went out for Race Three. Whilst we were waiting for the wind to settle it went round through 360 degrees! We eventually did get away however, but there followed a carbon copy of Race Two, with considerable frustration on the part of many of our sailors who found them selves floundering in large holes and going nowhere whatsoever. The Race Officer pulled the plug early, Lewis having chalked up his third victory of the day, Rob and Jon once again filled slots two and three, with Chris Gibson in fourth.

We floated around for some time after the end of this race, but it soon became apparent that the fluky conditions were set in for the afternoon so we called it a day and limped slowly back to the clubhouse. All in all a frustrating day's sailing, probably the worst we have ever had at Fishers Green, which in previous years has usually presented us with an entertaining event.


1: Lewis Barnes (also 1st Heavy)

2: Rob Kent (also 1st Light and 1st Master)

3: Jon Davis

4: Nick Kidd (also 1st Supervet)

5: Peter Murray (also 1st Div II)

6: Annette Kent (also 1st Lady)

7: Galahad Wisbey (also 1st Youth)

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