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Bright Burghfield

LWA at Burghfield SC Sat 5 June 2021:

On Saturday morning the sun shone beautifully as our 24 sailors arrived at Burghfield. However the wind was very slow in making up its mind. Eventually we decided to go afloat, come what may, to try to get some races in.

Our Race Officer, Tony Chandler, was having to contend with massive wind shifts which then disappeared altogether. Because of this unpredictability Race One turned out to have a running start, as the wind went through 180 degrees! Still, as we say, it was the same for everyone. Rob Kent went into an early lead, followed by Nick Kidd, Galahad Wisbey, Peter Murray and James Leeming and this procession continued in that order to the finish line.

For Race Two, the Committee Boat was moved to produce a more conventional start, but the wind dropped just after the flag and many people were left struggling. Nevertheless a small bunch towards the pin end managed to locate a couple of lucky puffs, which enabled Rob Kent, Jon Davis, Galahad Wisbey, Rod Davis and James Leeming to get away from the fleet and as it was just a one-lap race they crossed the line in that order.

Hopes were high that during lunch the wind would fill in from the west as was promised. We passed the time by holding a very brief AGM in the open air, surely a first for the LWA!

Sure enough, the afternoon produced some excellent racing. In Race Three Emily Kent was in the lead after Lap One, but sadly her dad and Bob Ingram managed to get past on Lap Two. Emily held on to her third place ahead of Peter Murray.

In Race Four the wind on the beat was shifting around, causing problems for those who were pinching towards the windward mark. Rob, Jon, Nick and Bob held their places for the first couple of laps then Peter on his Div II crept up through the field to steal fourth place.

The afternoon races were as enjoyable as the morning was frustrating, and it seemed like we were once again having some fun on the water.

As for the results, Rob Kent was home and dry with his four bullets, but the next five sailors were separated but just 2 points, some of the closest racing we have every experienced.


1: Rob Kent (3) 2: Nick Kidd (11) 3: Jon Davis (12) 4: Galahad Wisbey (12) 5: Peter Murray (also 1st Div II) (12) 6: Bob Ingram (13)

1st Lady: Emily Kent (8) 1st 7.8: Richard Williams (13)


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