• Jonathan Davis

Winter is Coming

The national Inland racing season culminates with racing at Pitsford this weekend (Sep 30/1) and the Cup Series at Stokes Bay on 14/15 October. So the question I hear you asking yourself is "where do I get my racing hit from until next season"? Well don't put your kit to bed just yet because the iconic Icebreaker series will kick off on November 4th at Datchet Reservoir near Windsor.

The Icebreaker series has been running almost a long as the London Region itself. Originally branded the Carlsberg Cooler, if it existed as something else previously then the name has been lost to pre-internet history, winners collected crates of Carlsberg because the series was sponsored by Watneys brewery. Sailors from the Southern and South-Eastern regions made the journey and fleets could reach one hundred strong. Your author remembers making the top fifty at an event and being very pleased with himself.

Bellway Homes sponsored the event in the early nineties before the becoming the Icebreaker that we know today.

Two things have been consistent about the series from the start, firstly it is always held at the start of winter. This provides the prospect of stronger winds but also the possibility of chilly fingers. Secondly the Icebreaker has always been a team event. Teams came from the racing clubs such as Colne Valley or Queen Mary, and it was common to have to demonstrate good results at regional level to get into the "A" team.

Now teams still come from clubs but can also be racing buddies, family, youths or any other loose association. You don't even need a team to race - we will form teams on the day and find you a place.

Having a youth or lady on your team means a lower score so it pays to ask around for team mates. Youth and junior teams also compete and at only £8 entry fee for the kids you won't get better quality racing for less.

So if you're up for the challenge of potentially exciting conditions, where racing as a team counts more than the individual, then get the dates in the diary and come and take part.

4th November Datchet SC, 18th November Queen Mary, 25th November Farmoor.

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