Blighted Burghfield

Burghfield Sailing Club were holding an Open Day the same day as our event, but everything went well from that aspect and we did not get in one another’s way, however the wind proved to be very disappointing. The forecast had been miserable, barely exceeding five mph at the very best and this had an undoubted effect on our turnout. After hanging around whistling for a wind we decided nevertheless to attempt to sail down to the far end of the lake where the Committee Boat sat waiting, just in case a sudden breeze got up and we would squander it simply getting to the start line. We sat around the Committee Boat for some time, thinking it was at least an improvement on mowing the lawn at home, then decided that we might as well attempt a race.

Our Race Officer, Tony Chandler, set us a tiny triangular course which despite its size proved to be quite a challenge for much of the fleet. Jon Davis shot into an early lead, his pumping style taking him purposefully towards the windward mark, which was more that you could say for those struggling to get away from the start line. He was followed by Peter Murray making the most of his Div II’s light wind capability, with Nick Kidd in 3rd. By the end of the race Jon and Peter crossed the line ahead of Rob Kent, who had managed to overtake Nick.

Race Two went on somewhat longer, with the occasional tantalising tickle of wind, the leaders, Jon, Rob and Peter actually managing to get round 5 laps, lapping some poor unfortunates twice!

There seemed to be a gentle improvement in the wind at this point and our Race Officer decided it was worth enlarging the course to an X pattern and the fleet got underway, sadly however it turned out to be a flash in the pan and we were soon back to pumping. Once again Jon was soon out in front, with Rob and Peter in pursuit and they crossed the line in that order after two laps.

There were no dissenters when it was decided to go ashore for lunch and having eventually reached the bank after a long drag up from the motorway end of the lake the decision was taken to finish the day. Mots people had their gear packed before the expected rain shower came in around three thirty.

All in all, not a classic LWA event it has to be admitted, but again, better than mowing the lawn!


1: Jon Davis (also 1st Heavy &1st Master)

2: Rob Kent

3: Peter Murray (also 1st Div II)

1st Supervet: Nick Kidd (4th)

1st Lady: Annette Kent (5th)

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