Breezy Burghfield

At long last! An event day with reasonable wind and weather! Well, perhaps we have to qualify that statement with regards to the wind. The southerly direction was not ideal for Burghfield as this mean that the wind had to come in over the trees down the right-hand side of the lake, which did produce some incredible gusts and holes but overall the verdict was that it was a great day’s sailing, despite the heavy rain shower in Race Three.

Race One started with Lewis Barnes taking an early lead, then he bust a harness line and suffered mast track problems and had to retire, although his one completed lap did give him a finish. However he was certainly firing on all cylinders for the rest of the day! Peter Murray then took over the lead on his Div II but eventually he was overhauled by Rob Kent and finished a very creditable second ahead of Jon Davis,

For Race Two Annette Kent decided on a port start which brought her up between the islands thus avoiding the worst of the wind tumbling over the trees, however she was eventually overhauled and had to settle for 6th.

Lewis was at the top of the scoring sheet, a place which he occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Rob and Jon filled second and third slots, which they also occupied for the rest of the event. Peter slipped down the field a little to 7th which proved to be his discard.

Race Three was marked by a heavy rain shower which was unpleasant but not disastrous and Lewis, Rob & Jon crossed the line in that order.

Towards the end of Race Four Rob was in with a good chance of snatching victory away from Lewis but at the last gybe mark before the finish line the gremlins struck and Rob lost it. Lewis came storming past to score his third bullet of the afternoon. Jon completed his collection of three 3rd places.

It was great to see our old friend Dave Gilchrist back on the water in an LWA event, welcome back, Dave!


1: Lewis Barnes (also 1st Heavy)

2: Rob Kent (also 1st Light & 1st Vet)

3: Jon Davis (also 1st Master)

1st Lady: Annette Kent (5th)

1st Super Vet: Nick Kidd (6th)

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